Wednesday 22 February 2017

CRM 2016 and SQL Issues

I woke this morning feeling good and it became awesome when I was told to install CRM 2016 on my company's server. As usual, I pulled my favorite web-link from my browser as a guide. All went well until little issues popped and it dawned on me I would spend much time than expected.

 The list of issues in a jiffy.

 I faced SQL related issues

Issue 1: I mistakenly "deleted my administrator's account in SQL Server 2012"
I thought of re-installing SQL, the process of copying my MDF and log files was going to be tedious for me. But I didn't do all that. I found this:
How I Resolved: SQL server itself provides a disaster recovery option. Members of Windows Administrator group now have access to SQL server when SQL server is started in a single-user mode known as maintenance mode.

I had to start SQL server in a single user mode through the SQL Server Configuration Manager tool

  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager tool, 
  2. Stop the SQL Server service, Right-click to select properties, 
  3. On the startup parameters tab add "-m" without the quotes click on add, apply and restart the SQL service Service.

With that, I was able to login to SSMS to create an Admin account in the security

Issue 2: Upon installation of CRM 2016, "My reporting service wasn't connecting to the database", it took a while to figure out I had to open Reporting Services Configuration Manager to adjust my servername and instance.

The third on the list "the instance name must be the same as computer name"
I knew I changed my computer name after I installed SQL Server 2012, but didn't expect an error during installation of CRM.
Name of Instance
before: WIN-IT8745;  after :SOFTCUB

How I Resolved it: I ran this code
SELECT @SERVERNAME AS [Server Name] to know my server name.

sp_dropserver 'WIN-IT8745'
sp_addserver 'SOFTCUB', local

Then I restarted my SQL Server Service and that resolved the issue.

Issue 4: I tried installing CRM again and I got this error " The Full-text component is not installed on SQL Server, Word Breaker Not Installed".
How I Resolved it:
This is a feature missing during my initial SQL Server installation.

  1. Run SQL server setup
  2. Choose the feature "Full-text component" and that resolved it.
  3.  Don't forget to restart your SQL Service so to remove any warning like "Word breaker is not installed"

Issue 5: The  SQL Server Reporting service is a local account and it is not supported."
Reason: The SQL server reporting service was installed using default settings,  and SrsDataConnector won't install while SSRS is running under default settings account.
How I Resolved it:

  1. Open Reporting Services Config Manager
  2. Update the Service Account to something like "local system"
  3. Click apply and complete the wizard by specifying the Location, password for the Encryption Key.

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