Monday 23 January 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Basic Setup

System Administration in AX7

  • Basic Data Setup and Configuration
  • Configure User and Security
  • Data Import and Export in AX

Basic Data Setup

Global Address Book is a central repository that contains information about each party that an organization has contact with.
Number Series: is a number sequence that defines the number available for use and the formatting of these numbers
  • Transactional Numbering: gives each transaction a unique number e.g. General Ledger, Purchase Order number, Invoice numbering.
  • Master Data Numbering: gives each master data a unique number e.g customer, vendor, workers.
  • System-wide Numbering: Basic numbering for basic processes and it is not module specific e.g. Activity, Case Number.

Legal Entity: is an organization that is identified through a registration with the legal authority
A company in AX is used to collect transactions related to one legal entity.
Multi-company Setup:
  • Currencies & Exchange rate: it facilitates upkeep of daily exchange rate
  • Fiscal Calendar: represents financial reporting periods.
  • Financial Dimensions: analyze financial data in more detail
  • Products determine the product setup of the company.

License Configuration and Parameters
License keys are used to control general access t functionality in the system.
Parameter forms each module control the specific function of each feature.
Configuration can be used to enable or disable smaller pieces functionality of the organization 

Users are connected to the Active Directory in order to work in AX.
Security Role gives access to functionality based on an employee's role in the organization.
A worker is linked to the user record through a user relationship record. This links users to Employees and allows functionality like commission and access to Enterprise Portal (EP).
User Profile: This linked to the user record to a Role Center which will be displayed as the homepage when logging into the rich client r Enterprise Portal

NOTE: Once a record is created in the worker section, it is automatically created in the Global Address Book.

Data Import & Export Tools
  • Data Import & Export Framework
  • Data Packages: these are XML files and transactional data uploaded into LCS and the data is deployed into AX
  • Excel Data connector.

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