Thursday 8 December 2016

How to Check the service running on your port.

I installed Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2015 on my machine and when I run it I get an error saying "Nav can't create a connection to the server". As usual I checked my event viewer to get a detailed message of the error. Then I found out another service -an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2013) was running on the same port as my Nav 2015. How did I know this?
  • Open command line
  • To check Service running on your port
    netstat -noa | find "port number" : It displays the PID
  • tasklist | find "PID"  : It displays the name of service running on your port which you can trace on Task Manger to disable it
Note: The PID is the last number after LISTENING
These simple steps saved my day as I was able to stop the process running on my port in Task Manager.

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